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Donna Karan’s Urban Zen the Relaxed Luxury Brand

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There are designers  who remain the same and others over the years grow and develop themselves.Therefore i was  introduced to the line run by Donna Karan that not only makes some easy chic pieces,Ms.Karan creates this line while helping others less fortunate, this collection  also is involved in a project  that helps the victims of the horrific earthquake that hit Haiti a few years ago, that destroyed so much.She works with artisans that   create both  home and fashion accessories .

The line  this Summer Season consists of stretch fabrics in neutral colors such as gray,white,black and a petroleum green tone.In lightweight cotton,jersey and linen blends.

The line is  for women who want easy  and comfy pieces that are still great for both travel and  causal weekends that have a sophisticated flair. I realized that a few of the pieces through the Bold Accessories can be worn for a Semi – formal evening out with friends.The interesting thing about this line is that they mold the body.There are both curvy silhouettes for ladies looking for Curvaceous pieces and for others there are wider and easier pieces that offer others  another option.There are those who may not care for this kind of causal chic,However the “Urban Zen”

look may not be for you ,but then again there are some hot jewelry and handbags that may catch your eye.

Donna Karan does it again offering the woman of today  another modern and wearable option for women of any age  and attitude, which i guess one should always have.

Love Sean