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“Cinema Fever in Berlin” Visiting the english Cinemas

There have been a few movies out this year that I was told I had to see.So i have been running around during the Berlinale. Berlin’s own Film Festival that brings all types to Berlin from everywhere Hollywood,Great Britian and France.Yes i have the cinema bug presently.

So i decided to visit a few of the cinemas that specialize in showing english speaking films.

I had the opportunity to see the film “12 years a Slave” a good and moving film at the Babylon  in the very hip and modern district of Kreuzberg and the next week I  went to see Dallas Buyers Club located in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district.Bpth Cinemas are old in style but you always have the feeling that you are entering the old world of Cinema, which is great and quite nostalgic.I must say I have been to Odeon a few times but the Babylon was my first time.Instead of going to a modern generic cinema go to one of these old school cinemas which are truly Berlin and enjoy the art of Cinema.

For those on a budget Mondays are reduced .

Love Sean

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