<!--:en-->Pick up your spirits and get a few  laughs at Comedyclub Kookaburra!!!!   <!--:-->

Pick up your spirits and get a few laughs at Comedyclub Kookaburra!!!!

I love a good chuckle!!!!!and I was really happy when a friend told me about this comedy club which is actually an institution in Berlin’s Mitte district.So off I was to Comedy Club Kookaburra.

A Comedy Club with a fairly large room decorated with tables and chairs and a bar ,where one can order a drink or a little something to nibble on !!!!and just indulge ones self in a little humor.This Club offers Comedy in German and English so there is a little something for every one.I attended a Comedy Night with Kim Eustice which is on once per month but with her fun evening with various stand up comedians is worth a visit.

The evening with various artists doing their performances which went from the the tame to tantlizing. I laughed quite a bit and actually met tourists from Sweden who during intermission I was able to converse about the city. I guess it’s true that Humor is a true ice breaker.Comedy Club Kookaburra is a fun alternative when looking for something to do.I paid 11 euro at the door I had a good time and here I will bring friends when I am not sure of what to do during the holidays!!!!

The shows vary so check out if they have something in English or German that evening.Depending on the show prices vary from 5-18 euro



Love Sean

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