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Champagne Boy!!!!!enjoying a Glass at Berlin’s KaDeWe

I was once called Champagne Boy !!! by someone dear to my heart!!! Therefore I decided to write about a place that I adore in Berlin on Friday evenings!!!! and that is at the Luxury Department storeKa De We specifically the Gourmet Department where you will find the Jacquart Champagne Bar starting at roughly 9 euro!!!! here you will experience one of life’s great enjoyments Champagne!!! The Bar here is small and intimate and it is just fun to drink your glass and watch all the International Tourists and Fashionistas enjoying this truly wonderful Department store!!!

The Gourmet Department is truly Gourmert Heavan!! Whether its Beluga Caviar, Fine Wines,Cheeses, or Champagne from some of the best !!!MoetChandon,or Veuve-Clicquot it’s a place to enjoy one of lifes sensual pleasures Food!!!!!
or better Fine Food and Fine Wines !!!!it’s a great place top escape and Pamper yourself so when you have time go to my favorite Champagne Bar at Ka De We where the service is warm and friendly and you can purchase Jaquart Champagne enjoy and then when you have finished your bubbly shop around for gifts its a great place to find that special gift for the gourmand!!!!!!Love Sean

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