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The concert Series!!!!”Young Euro Classic” in Berlin!!!!!

I decided to go off with friends to the Young European Concert series called young euro classicthat are held in Berlin
every summer in August.This concert series is one of those events that I really love about Berlin!!!!!It is a Classical Concert series project that invites young classical music ensembles from around the globe to play classical pieces at the beautiful and monumental “ Concert House” !!! located at the Gendarmenmarkt Berlin which is I consider one of the most beautiful locations in Berlin this location where you have the Concert Hall built by the German Architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel is a classical and monumental building , and then located in close proximity are the French ,and German domes!!!! The location was restored to its splendor and is truly a Jewel in Berlin.
I decided to attend the concert performed this Evening by the Turkish and German Osmanien Instrumental Ensemble!!!It just shows what bringing people together in their love of the arts can bring and that is beautiful art “classical music” .

The evening was a truly delightful Concert first with readings from the Turkish Journalist Hatice Akyun who delighted the audience with her stories about being a German citizen with a Turkish background!!!at times funny and at other moments it made one think about integration!!! but the evening was dedicated to Music and these young artists were able to impress and delight the audience with a concert that Included Rossini,Beethoven and two premier pieces from the Turkish composers Atac Sezer,and Oguzhan Balci .The music was compelling ,romantic and I realized that I am not too familiar with classical Turkish music!!! however I will start to investigate these wonderful and mystical sounds!!!! The Concert Series continues until the 21 of august!!!!! the tickets are pretty hard to come by but still take a stop over to the ticket booth and try to experience yet another group of young artists from around the globe performing classical music !!!!!!!

Love Sean

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