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The Willi Brandt Forum!!!!A Unique exhibition about the Political Life and Times of the former Chancellor

While keeping a relatively low pace this pass week!!! I happened to be on the boulevard Unten Den Linden inBerlin this Boulevard has had a long and famous past and still remains one of those addresses that make people still look in amazement !!!even though the boulevard is pretty chaotic due to massive construction it still is one of those addresses that one must visit while inBerlin!!!while walking with a pal, I discovered a small but important exhibition and it was for free !!! it covered the political life ofWilli -Brandt the former Mayor of Berlin who later became the Chancellor of Germany and was a recipient of the Nobel Prize!!!Which I did not know!!!his role in Germany during the cold war in Berlin was truly important since he tried to continue dialog with Eastern Germany and believed truly in Peace!!!

He was not only a politician but a true citizen of the world!!!!His work as a journalist covering the dark past of Germany . I guess one of those humbling moments is the now famous bowing he did during a visit to Poland to excuse all of Germany for the atrocities !!!!really it takes a strong individual!!!Naturally his fall came through a spy scandal which one is informed of through the exhibition.
The Exhibition covers his political life and you get an idea of the Cold war Period and a look at Berlin through life and times of this politician.The exhibition turned out to be one of those wonderful small surprises that I love in Berlin !!!
Visit the Willi -Brandt exhibition it really is worth it!!!!

Love Sean

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