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A Vogue night Out!!! at the gallery C/O Berlin with “Zeitlos Schön”

I really get a thrill till this day getting the new edition of Vogue!!!!So You can imagine what a thrill it was for me going to the opening of one of my favorite museums in Berlin the “C/O Berlin” co-berlin for the opening of “Zeitlos Schön“ “Timeless Beauty”!!with the Support of the publishing company Conde Nast group who gave out on loan from a spectacular archive some of the most rememberable and glamorous photos starting from the last century until today!!!!!
You realize how Vogue really took many to a world of Luxury and Fantasy for a few dollars a month and brought many an idea of elegance and true style!!!!The exhibition with photos from Man Ray,Bill King,
Peter Lindenberg,Helmut Newton, Cecil Beaton and the list goes on!!!!really made for one of the most memorable exhibitions I have seen in a long time what would vogue be without the fabulous models so
iconic models such as Jean Shrimpton,Verushka,and Linda Evangalista you have to literally gag!!! so much beauty, glamor and great art this is
really one of those exhibits that I will remember!!!!!!!!”Zeitlos Schön“ “Timeless Beauty” is a must for those fans of Dreams,Beauty, and Style inBerlin at “C/O Berlin” co-berlin

Love Sean

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