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Volume!!! the Oversize Coat trend!!!!!!!!The Fall Winter Must Have

The new full coat optic!!! think vintage Balenciaga!!! think Charles James!!!! an homage to a time when ladies wore their clothing in a feminine mode and followed avidly the fashion rags such as vogue Harpers and all !!!!I was approached by a woman the other day who asked me about the new full coat from the brand Cacharel she was unsure about this new silhouette !!!!I explained this coat can be worn both very glamorous with heels and narrow dresses but can be worn with the narrow leather pants and various boots it’s a style that gives one complete freedom and can be worn in dark colors such as Black like thew model seen from Cacharel or in vibrant colors such as Red ,Blue and in Check and Herringbone patterns seen at Jil Sander,or Chloe !!!!!I adore this optic it is very new ,comfy , easy to wear and great for all sizes and shapes!!!!

Love Sean

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