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Berlin’s Gay Museum exhibition celebrating the life of Jean GenetBerlin’s Gay Museum exhibition celebrating the life of Jean Genet

Berlin fabulous Berlin!!!!!it’s always fascinating culturally and last evening was an example I attended the opening at the Berlin Gay museum ,Schwules museum which follows both the political and social aspects of the international gay, lesbian and transgender community in Germany and abroad.The museum centrally located in Berlin Kreuzberg district. The great thing about this museum is that it shows so much diversity in the gay community from the pioneer days of the movement until today that addresses various gay issues in todays society.

I attended the premiere of the French writer Jean Genet this exhibition to develop was no easy task Jean Genet was a very interesting individual indeed.This man who did time in the militrary,jail and who worked with and befriended other International artists such as Jeane Marais, Jean Cocteau and later travelled in circles with artists such as Alberto Giacometti,Pablo Picasso, and writer Jean Paul Sartre made his story interesting indeed. His turbulent and passionate life was briefly detailed at the opening of the exhibit. Here you get to learn so much about his very left political leanings. Wonderfully enough at this grand event the openly gay mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit attended and gave his cache to the opening.This I thought was quite special and showed his continuous support to the gay community in Berlin and I guess abroad!!!The artist Jean Genet who was not only a creative force in France but abroad as well,wrote some great pieces and of course is memorable for the classic story Querelle that was later filmed with the actress Jeanne Moreau and directed by the highly talented German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder .

The Schwules museum portrays this mans long lived life as an artist and his diversity.
The exhibit covers his political interests as well as his love life it shows he was not shy on confrontational issues that surprised me but made me an admirer.
Visit Berlins Schwulesmuseum it is a museum to be proud of it portrays the gay community in all its various facets,so for both the gay and straight community enjoy this museum and exhibition in Berlin !!!enjoy and be inspired!!!!!!Berlin! Fabulous Berlin! Du begeisterst mich immer wieder – gerade was du kulturell zu bieten hast. Gestern war ich im Schwules museum in Kreuzberg. Es zeigt homosexuelles Leben in all seinen Facetten vor allem aber in sozialer und politischer Hinsicht auf internationaler Ebene mit dem Augenmerk auf .

Ich besuchte die Eröffnung der Ausstellung des französischen Schriftstellers Jean Genet und war überwältigt. Ein faszinierender Mann, der einige Jahre im Gefängnis verbrachte und später mit Künstlern wie Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso und Jean Paul Sartre arbeitete. Sein stürmisches und leidenschaftliches Leben wird hier erzählt und man erfährt einiges über sein politisches Engagement in Berlin.Jean Genet war ein kreativer Magnet im Ausland, vor allem in Frankreich. Er schrieb einige Klassiker und ist somit ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Literatur. Einer seiner StückeQuerelle wurden auch u. a. mit Jean Moreau verfilmt.

Klaus Wowereit sprach zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung, er zeigte somit seine Unterstützung zur Gay Community in Berlin.

Ob homo oder hetero – besucht das Schwules museum! – ich bin sehr stolz auf dieses Museum, denn es präsentiert die schwule und lesbische Gesellschaft in all ihren Facetten.

Ich wünsche Euch viel Vergnügen – be inspired – Sean

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