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So Popular Fall Winter 2013/2014 Menswear Collection captures The Dark Mod!!!

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So PopularSo Popular sounds like a boy group and it has something in common it’s a Menswear collection in Berlin who presented their Fall Winter line at the ,FashionWeek Berlin Mercedes Benz !!!!
The Collection itself was quite cool in that this Mix of Mod ,Neo Punk and Hooligan Chic really worked well. The collection shown at the studio salon at the Mercedes Tent !!!was nice to see in that the silhouettes and colors even though dark and muted the collection still felt modern and cool !!!!
The Collection of Narrow Trousers and the Narrow Trouser with the Dropped crotch were pretty interesting to see since and I definitely could see me trying out this look!!!Today Designers are looking for a new look in Menswear when it comes to trousers and this would be a great option. The color scheme were in Dark Hues with Black Followed by a Gray Tones and a very
muted dark green tone that really seemed to be the message of the line!!! Yes Dark but with mixing textures definitely helped to make the Menswear collection enticing!!!

I loved the Knitwear / Sweat tops that were embellished with prints very cool and modern this look I saw a few times and it really gives men another option in dressing when it comes to sweaters and sweatshirts!!!
The shirts and Bomber jackets with Metal studs also were an eye catcher and when worn in a clean way as presented by So Popular this look can work!!!! its clean, modern and yes sexy!!!
Not to be forgotten were the Coats and there was a Model that was a mixture of a Textured gray wool fabric combined with a partial leather sleeve. The coat was modern and sleek and gives the Modern Male a great option!!!!!!!!!
All in all the Line is relatively narrow and lean with a new interpreted Bomber Jacket option that convinced me to finally give into the Bomber Jacket!!!! and along with the Dr MaartenDr Martens shoes the looks really worked and became authentic!!!!
So Popular is quite Popular with me!!!!!

Love Sean

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