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Knit Hat Trends!!! what’s up in Berlin!!!!

Well the weather in New York is like in Berlin brutally cold!!!but then again its winter time inBerlin and the Berlin Hipsters on the streets are very original with their knit hats!!!The trend is do your own thing when it comes to knit hats and i adore that!!!
Therefore a fashionista needed a Winter hat so off I was looking for a knit hat but not just any knit hat but one with the right kind of fall that gives the look a fun and modern edge !!!

The look should be floppy it gives a terribly modern and easy going edge.Looking at shops such as max and co,Stefanel, and Urban Outfitters where I found a great Vintage Knit Hat with a pom pom ball in psychedelic colors, and of course I was surprised to see nice options from Roeckl who normally specialize in Gloves but regardless of where its from and for the guys the collection of Edsor has great hats in Cashmere but the great thing about this collection its the Colors!!!The thinbg I loved was the fact people are g going for color which is great and at times with a little detail with fur which brings a little glamour and this option is great for both the Guys and Ladies !!!!update your look with a few knit hats whether in Color ,Stripes, CableKnit, and even new knitting techniques where the optic is bolder in the knitting optic The great thing I realized was you can do your own thing with knit hats today!!!!!

Love Sean

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