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Chillin and Dining at the “Sage”Restaurant in Berlin

I was once told I had to go to to this Restaurant!!! and especially in the summer since the restaurant is located on the Spree Canal in Berlin !!! I thought yeah!!! sounds good to me!!well finally the other night I went to The Sage-Restaurant true summer is over but this cool Restaurant in a pretty fab location!!! with it’s easy going ,relaxed staff and cool interior, I guess you could say this could be a place for Sean!!!! located in a former factory building !!!which in Berlin is nothing new burt still a nice location !!!So we went in on Sunday night !!!! we were brought to our table which was great!!!!and even though not totally full was quite young and well visited!! so our waiter a cute guy with a mini afro waited on us!!! he was sweet and very Berlin relaxed in that cool Berlin way!!!!We decided that we should order our drinks which we did Bubbly for me!!! Prosecco
and for my friends,Beer and water we were not very adventurous but we thought hey relax which one really could do here !!I looked around and I must say I did like some of the interior details!you could see someone put a great deal of effort into the concept and in Berlin thats not always the case which makes Berlin so unique!!!!!well we had heard the food was really good but after having
to look for our waiter a second time I was not really sure !!!!!i thought to myself that if they are not so attentive to the service how would the food be!!!!well to my surprise I had ordered a Salad with warm goat Cheese!!! I was famished since I had on that day very little to eat!!! so I was amazed that the Salad was not only good but damn good to be precise so I was pretty happy and the portion was quite huge also a plus on that evening for me!!! so even though the staff were not the most attentive my plate made up for that ands my friends ordered a creamed vegetable soup that was also very good!!! that they constantly stated that I had to try and really the soup was good so we were on a culinary high and happy that they at least they were darn good in the kitchen!!!!so after our appetizers we decided upon our main courses. I ordered a Aubergine Vegetable Parmagianan!!My Friends respectively ordered Pasta Pardelle dish in cream sauce and Portion of Lamb Chops !!!!! we all loved our food and even though my meal was a little too well seasoned!!!!! but then again I am careful with salt!!! the Vegetable parmagiana which was from taste good and as for my friends they were delighted with the meal!!!!!atSage-Restaurant the relaxed and still trendy atmosphere was welcoming so we decided to stay for a little longer.We considered going into the very relaxing and welcoming Smokers Lounge I mean smoking is also a part of Berlin so they created a very funky smoking salon with a really cool fireplace!!!!so after taking in the sights and sounds of this place we decided to go elsewhere but we did enjoy the evening and the whole atmosphere!!! The wine was good we ordered a bottle of an Italian red ” Pepoli” it was a bit pricy at 48 Euro but was in itself worth
the extra coins!!!!

The evening was easy going and nice .
Sage-Restaurant in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is a cool and urban location while still being upscale !!!!!!
Of course the restaurant was too bad you pay for what you get my salad went for 9 Euro!! but still then the money was worth it since I could have just eaten one plate and that would have been sufficient but of course we wanted to try other dishes so we splurged a bit !!!
P.S. Because of the location if you cant make it now in the Spring and Summer it’s quite fab, you are right on the water and experience Berlin in a totally different light!!!!

Love Sean

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