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The upscale restaurant “Austern Bank” in Berlin’s Mitte!!!!

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I like fine dining every now and then!so at the beginning of the year New Years Eve to be exact!!!I went to the “Austern Bar”!!!literally translated the Oyster bank well first of all the restaurant is literally located in a former Bank and with it’s dim lighting and spacious hall you are really taken by surprise!!!
since I was not expecting what I saw. The restaurant and bar are a mixture of a swanky club atmosphere and with its large hall atmosphere reminded me of the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station in NY!!!
Well we decided to enjoy our evening here which was quite full and with a very attentive and friendly staff !!!which I must say I thought were nice but I was always wondering if it was genuine or not since I am in Berlin and good and friendly service is not often to be had!!!but hey I am so fussy at times!!!!!!

We started off with the buffet which was a mixture of various salads that included fish and fresh graved salmon which was quite good and gave us the opportunity to enjoy the evening and atmosphere!!!!!!I began to relax since after reflecting on the year I realized I was tired and so much had happened but with the dim lights ,candles and intimate setting I was in my element this evening I really wanted a quiet and peaceful location to celebrate the years end!!!!I decided after the starter of the lobster salad I went on to the next which was a fine fish soup which I must admit was good ,hearty and still sophisticated and fine since I am not one for the rustic type of fish soups so I was really happy to get have chosen the soup,and the taste really hit those demanding taste buds of mine!!so after my soup what else could happen well my date ordered a steak fresh from the skillets and I ordered fresh scampi and scallops!!mmmm this I had with fresh bread truly simple but also quite delicate,seasoned very light and therefore the taste of the scallops and scampi were impeccable !so after having a glass of champagne and a glass of a open white wine of sauvignon!!!

I was enjoying a nice and intimate evening nothing to scream about but still very nice and easy !!!! we decided on a bit of desert which was a citron pastry and a few petit fours that were good and satisfied my sweet tooth they were good not fantastic but edible!!!the atmosphere was nice ,the music a little annoying and loud light pop!!!!for me in such a setting is a nogo!!!! but I guess I was not in the mood for kitschy pop tunes!!!!!!so before midnight off I was to the Soho house in Berlin and to enjoy a crazy night out in Berlin!!!!!!!!Maybe thats what I was missing!!! atmosphere???
the “Austern Bar” restaurant was intimate not really fabulous so after a nice and intimate dinner I decided to leave which is a pity because the location is quite good!!!
I think the Austern Bank is a nice place for folks who want something a little upscale and with a good restaurant and bar this might be the place for you!!!! they had a smokers lounge which was quite interesting but that is so Berlin!!!! I decided that I must try their bar for a drink when one is in the area !!!!it’s an alternative when close to the Unten den Linden area!!in Berlin’s upscale mitte district!!!!!
P.S. I need not tell you the restaurant was not inexpensive we paid a great deal for our dinner but the evening was nice and the food good since on this evening the offered Buffet/Menu where I paid quite a bit!!! normally the menu is pricy but not outrageous and I guess for the location and quality the price is worth it !!!What was I missing here?? I guess it’s a nice place but I was missing a little pizazz see for yourself and in Berlin you must always experience a place such as this yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sean

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