<!--:en-->“Sachlichkeit”The New Home Furnishings Shop with a unique touch!!!!<!--:-->

“Sachlichkeit”The New Home Furnishings Shop with a unique touch!!!!

I was told about this duo new shop in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district and was intrigued since I was not sure what to expect because it’s not where would expect such a shop and that is what intrigued me even more  . Berlin has so many young creative folks !!! thank goodness this Home Furnishings Shop ” Sachlichkeit” ,from the duo Daniel Satore and Estaban Hernandez – Meyer offer the  person looking to furnish their home with unique furniture and accessories this shop offers good alternatives to make any home a jewel.They offer decorating services but also restore old furniture which i believe is the new way to decorating !!!!The shop is a good find and offers just another great alternative in Berlin when it comes to home furnishings!!!

p.s. Do you have an old chair or table that you want top bring back to life?Then these guys will make your dreams come true!!!

Be inspired,Love Sean


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