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Fabulous German Cuisine at Florian’s in Berlin

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I like eating out and when I get the time I dont mind others cooking for me ! so I went to my German “Food for the soul” Restaurant Florians based in Charlottenburg in Berlin close to the very nice and sophisticated Savignyplatz Park and garden .I decided on this location that serves traditional German cuisine from the Franken region with small cuisine inspirations from across the globe!The restaurant is a sophisticated but understated restaurant decorated with fresh white tablecloths that I love!!!!!!
and soft lighting that lends to the sophisticated upscale clientel but still low key establishment .

After having inspected the menu my partner decided on a roasted chicken with vegetables and I decided on a Sander (fish ) served with a potato- leek puree .
Accompanying our meals was a white wine Sauvignon from France and a glass of Cremant sparkling white wine.with a pitcher of water from the tap since I hate buying bottled water!!!!!! I mean really!!!

My partners meal was in his words “that’s why one comes here for good solid and sophisticated food
the chicken roasted slightly smothered in a sauce was done to perfection and the sauteed vegetables accompanying the meal made the composition perfect so he was delightfully satisfied as for myself my meal slightly more elegant and simplistic in its combination of the potatoes with leek puree,and my well seasoned filet of sander which was garnished with lemon to add just a zest to a wonderful dish.
For desert eventhough I was not very hungry my dparttner decided on a very good chocolate Mousse that was true chocolate heaven ,and I ate which I realized meant me running 8 kilometers the next dsay ughhhh!!! that exquisite Mousse!

Finally after desert we left the very comfortable setting at Florians feeling well fed and enjoyed the open and friendly staff that are welcoming to their guests and keep that traditional Franken hospitality alive so if in town and
want some great German Comfort food for a price that will cost you for two around 80 Euro granted the price is not cheap but the food is worth every penny!
(Tip!!!! the portions are quite generous so that you can always just have the main course and be quite satisfied.)
then friends head off to Florian’s in the Grolmannstrasse in Berlin’s fancy Charlottenburg.

Check out the evening leggings with black pumps I loved the look ! The woman wearing the outfit had on a simple Trench coat but it looked OH so sexy!!! very Helmut Newton
Helmut Newton !!!!

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