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The Soho House Hotel in Berlin!

Berlin is quite a fascinating city, therefore I try to find places that are interesting for many in Berlin. A short while ago The private clubSoho House from London and N.Y. fame finally opened their doors in Berlin a few months ago.

Initially there was much fanfare about this place and it is something special for Berlin to have a members club that is exclusive , sophisticated and still maintains a cool,gritty edge.
I am familiar with the Soho House in N.Y. so I naturally was pretty excited about seeing what they would do with the location in Berlin. The Building has a great deal of History initially the building was
a department store and later confiscated by the Nazis due to the owners being of Jewish descent, later the complex was used by the Hitler Youth Leadership ,and after the Second World War was used by the First East German president Wilhelm Pieck.
Berlin as we know has a very interesting history that covers the Weimar Republic , Second World War , Communism in the DDR, the Cold War and finally the reunification of Germany.
What can you say ? Berlin has been there and done that !
If Berlin were a woman she would be the crazy Auntie Mame on speed!

Well I arrived again after a long day at my personal shopper job Oh!yeah that’s how I make my coins.
I drove with a taxi driver from Iran who told me that he was familiar with the location through his many customers and that the place was considered by many to be really something special.
I arrived to the building which is very light, airy and minimalistic.The building is impressive from just the mere size of the complex.At the front desk I was greeted by a very friendly and warm staff who greeted me with the respect any guest would love to receive so I was already a little smitten.
The receptionist later handed me a small catalogue of events which I must say quite impressed me it informs the members and guests about films, showing in their cinema that they have which is quite nice and then about their cultural events. This I must say I liked since that is something that I love doing time to time attending lectures and learning more about subjects that fascinate me.
That was for me another reason why I thought hey !this place is not only fluff , but trying to hold true to a few old English club tradition’s they try to intellectually tantalize their members.

I went to my room and a few minutes later a very nice housekeeping gentlemen
came to my room and asked if I needed anything? Wow I thought I am in hogs heaven and I did not need to go to Berghain the notorious and naughty club in Berlin!!!! I will explain that one later!

After he left I inspected my room and I must say I was impressed with the room which was a single with a great double bed! And an eclectic decorated room at that. What I liked were the color theme that really impressed me since I was taken by the unusual but quirky combination that included the electric blue corduroy sitting chair and the bed that was accented with a flaming red frame.
The walls were not completely finished giving them a wonderful mix between Modern and industrial since you had brick walls that were painted but left bare which I must say I adored the mix.

The bathroom was a delight it was an open space with large tiles and a large bathtub with an adjacent shower that had its own cabin door ,and then a small room that contained the toilet.
Weirdly enough for a single occupancy room it felt spacious, I assume the room had roughly 20 square meters but leaving everything open gave it a spacious and still intimate atmosphere .

Later I checked the corridors , I was able to view the corridors that were delightful with their very quirky decorating style of mixing old vintage furniture and accessories,I really adored that.Please look at the photos.

Later I had a dinner appointment with my partner we met for drinks on the 7th floor where we later sat on the outdoor terrace that were quite intimate,one can sit alone and get an awesome view of Berlin and the Television Tower. I had wonderful weather so for me it was amazing to be in sitting on an intimate terrace in a little cozy nook experiencing Berlin, I think that was the idea behind these sitting areas it gives those who want a more intimate setting the chance to have just that. Later I headed upstairs for drinks to the rooftop with my partner where you have a small pool and a restaurant which due to Berlins great weather had a great summer atmosphere sexy summer in the city ! This is achieved through the restaurant and bar getting light from both sides very nice I must admit and yes quite sexy!

As you can imagine, here I did see a Fashionista here, that I knew and a designer there that I knew and of course a Publisher from NY who started a magazine in Berlin. It was all people in the know, however it was ok for me since I am a part of the Design and Fashion Mafia !but could turn one off if not.I was attended to by a very sweet girl named Bettina who I was sure could be tough but nevertheless was gracious, she later got us a table on the coveted roof restaurant which was packed.

Personally I did not need all the Glitz and Glamour children ! been there done that !so for me I would have preferred the restaurant on 7th floor but my partner insisted to be there.
We had our meal which was quite tasty I had fish ,which I must say was quite reasonable in price and the food was actually good .
Yeah I know it sounds like I am kissing up but it actually was good! Naturally there was some very attractive boy and girl candy to see which ia always a turn on and fun to watch.
Later we returned to the 7th floor restaurant where we had our coffee, this intimate club feeling on this floor is good since you can have your privacy, its not really a fashion show but just a stylish intimate lounge where you can have your privacy and still feel grand daahhhling!

After leaving ,I returned to my room and fell asleep this is the only problem I had with my room, since the bed was comfortable but the old 50’s style clock ticked so loudly that I had to put the darn thing in the closet to get some peace ! I finally slept well, got up early and went to the gym and did my workout. The fitness space was well equipped with industrial unfinished walls and black equipment. During my run I had a nice view of the hustle and bustle of this part of Berlin through the large windows.The gym was nice and if you need a gym it will definitely do.

I eventually met a friend that I invited for a coffee on the roof terrace and again you had the girl and boy candy , but now I took it all in stride since I knew what to expect! Had a coffee in the bright Berlin morning and was greeted at the lobby by the relaxed and friendly staff at the desk who were a delight .
I left thinking wow that was nice granted it’s not for everyone since my photographer pal Martin thought it was a little too much!but for 140 Euro the night roughly 165 US$ it was worth it.
I personally liked the hotel . If you are someone who enjoys upscale and modern surroundings, then this place is great for a few days in Berlin. Overall I liked the Soho House Berlin no it’s not perfect yet,but kids it’s pretty close and for Berlin that says quite a great deal! I am interested to know what’s coming up in the future for the Soho House but in conclusion I say welcome to them!

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