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Are Manicures and Pedicures Metrosexual? Pedicure and Manicure with Petra at Kai Bruegemann’s Salon

I was wondering after doing some research that men such as basketball star Dennis Rodman,
Soccer Great David Beckham, Punk Legend Iggy Pop and even Keith Richards all have one thing in common they have worn or wear Nail Polish! So I was wondering, is it Metrosexual ? and if it is ok in today’s world for a butch guy to wear nail polish?well I wore some for a few days from the Berlin cosmetics company Uslu Airlines. I wore various colors on various occasions which included
Black,Blue Glitter,and Green. To help me with my endeavour Barbara and I went to the Beauty Care specialist Petra at the Kai Bruegemann Salon in the Keith Strasse ,which is a stone throw away from KaDeWe Berlin’s luxury department store ,which is the equivalent to Saks Fifth Avenue in New York or Harrod’s in London.

Petra is a wonderful cosmetician who offers quality skin care services in this fully service oriented, friendly and intimate jewel box salon. Petra gave me and Barbara a manicure and pedicure, I feel men and women should take care of themselves do things that are good for their spirit.Therefore pedicures and manicures are a true pure pleasure .I am always quoting my grandmother she said once to me “ a man who takes care of his feet and hands takes care of himself as well” and I agree.

Petra is also a person who nurtures the clients soul,lifting their spirits through banter or just through her magical foot massages that I must say is almost as good as sex and so that says quite a bit!!!!!
We enjoyed our day at the Salon.

Colors From the company Uslu Airlines are as shown on the collage page the following:
from left to right

Green polish
The bottom right colors:

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