<!--:en-->The Charming “Cafe Savigny” in Berlin’s Charlottenburg District!!!<!--:-->

The Charming “Cafe Savigny” in Berlin’s Charlottenburg District!!!

I adore this Cafe and always have!!!so me returning for a nice chat with a friend was a great idea!!!”Cafe Savigny” facebook.com/cafesavigny is sort of like an institution in Berlin located in the very sweet and cute area of SavignyPlatz in the district of Charlottenburg!!!So this Cafe is quite easy going and an adorable Cafe for when you need a break for Breakfast which is really quite good but also for a glass of Bubbly!!!or Just a nice piece of Cake and a pretty good cafe latte!!!!
I have always liked the décor a mix of Grecian inspired reliefs on the wall and belle époque chandeliers give this cafe a bit of old school panache !!!! the intimate tables where one can have a splendid intimate chat all add to this cafes charm !!!the waiters are friendly and discreet which I am always grateful for!!but friends I must admit that there is another reason I like this place!!!! they have some of the best fashion magazines from all over the World,Japan,US,London, Germany and France I mean how Fab!! especially when your funds are tight, but you want a little fashion glam!!! so when I want to indulge in my fashion magazines here in this nice atmosphere it is a good choice!!and of course Papers like the Gaurdian and the”Herald Tribune” IHT are available for a boy like myself on the go!!!!the prices are fairly reasonable and for a nice bubbly or a fab cafe!!!!!here is one of those little jewels in Berlin that I always can recommend!!!!!just go and enjoy!!!!!

Love Sean

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