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!!!Cafe Deluxe at Mokalola in Schoeneberg!!!

Mokalola A while ago my girlfriends wanted to meet for coffee in the morning in a little Cafe that I had never heard of!!!well I fell in love immediately from the positive energy and just the feel good vibes that one felt when you walked into Mokalola, I realized this would become one of my favorites in Berlin !!! the staff all smiles and just warm and welcoming!!!that is when I knew this would be a true jewel and favorite of mine!!!Mokalola is a small caffe with free WLAN in Schoeneberglocated in a hidden side street called Leberstrasse. The thing that makes the place so wonderful is the warm service!!!! but then you are swept away by the sweets they are just divine!!! so I ordered my Cafe Latte and sat and chatted with my Girlfriends about Oh!!! everything and we just enjoyed our Croissants,Brownie , and a cheesecake one definitely felt it was a must have!!! all our deserts were good and freshly prepared.

We were made to feel welcomed in this adorable and small cafe that has these adorable chairs and funky cushions outside that make the place very unique!!So I must say this cafe was adorable and it is just the right place to enjoy yourself and relax have a good light meal , feel welcomed in this cafe the prices are fair and you have the chance to relax and surf on your laptop and start a good day in the city of Berlin!!! Enjoy Mokalola it’s one of those little precious places in Berlin!!!!!!

Love Sean

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