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Good Vibes at the Berlin Cafe “Factory Girl”!!!

When a girlfriend called and told me we had to visit a cafe in Berlin‘s Friedrichshain district!!! so finally on one of the sunny spring days!!!! in Berlin I was off to the cafe Factorygirl – Berlin” which turns out to be a cafe in honour indirectly to the Fashion Icon from the 60s Edie Sedgwick who also was the muse to Andy Warhol this truly adorable cafe with unique little quirky details that make the place special!!!!I had to relax and have a CaffeLatte and enjoy myself ,we took a table in the back and deiced on a cafe latte and a sinful dessert a cookies and cream desert that was really to die for and god knows had tons of calories but hey you only live once!!! I was amazed that such a dish could make me yearn for more my pal Frederika was also in total agreement!!!!! so along with the divine cream pudding, they offer a homemade lemonade now I really thought about my summers in Maryland since lemonade was always a summer delight!!!!We later were offered a small Plate of assorted cheeses with dried tomatoes and bread which was also a delight but what makes this place amazing was the relaxed and friendly service!!!!it was totally easy going vibes!!!!so along with desert such as a new york style cheesecake this is definitely a place to indulge and with the wonderful tables and chairs outside you can look at the pedestrians going by the folks here are the quirky, young and hip of Berlin the district is so relaxed!!!!!at Factory Girl you can start your morning a with a Muesli or a bagel its all here to enjoy!!!!these are one of those finds that make me love Berlin !!!!
enjoy chillin!!!! at Factorygirl-Berlin!!!!

Love Sean

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