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Bagel Coffee and Culture a nice place to start your day!!!!!!

I try to find either unique places or just nice and unique places in Berlin that are genuine and therefore a few weeks back I noticed a small cafe in Kreuzberg on the Mehringdamm which is a very busy street in Kreuzberg.I don’t know why I was attracted to this place I thought it just had an adorable look that was comforting and inviting without me even going to the place!!! Therefore I decided to finally visit this small Cafe!!
“Bagel Coffee and Culture” this small cafe that I discovered has turned into one of my favorite places!!!!!I went to meet my friend Nick and we decided to have a Bagel and order a Cafe Latte and on this shining morning !!we decided to relax and start our morning here which turned out to be one of those wonderful moments when you find a place that is unpretentious but has a unique aura!!!so we had our Cafe latte which was very good!! and The cream cheese bagel was also a good classic but still quite tasty. This may be because of the owner who was warm and friendly and had you feeling genuinely welcomed and appreciated !!!!!true warm hospitality that I am sure you will not find often in other places!!!I will tell you this!!!!This place is warm and welcoming and with its unique furniture a mix of old furniture from the 50’s and 60’s really are inviting and the various young artists such as the artist Laura Muthesius who presently is exhibiting her unique photos this lends to the
unique character of this small cafe and friends that’s what makes Berlin so much fun!!!
!!!!!Enjoy I am sure you will!!!

Love Sean

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