<!--:en-->Enjoy The Gentle Cafe”Annalee” for a quiet moment!!!<!--:-->

Enjoy The Gentle Cafe”Annalee” for a quiet moment!!!

“Annalee” a really relaxed little Cafe in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district.I needed a place top meet a friend some place quiet with little attitude. I must admit I had seen this cafe a week before but only on this particular day I decided to check it out. It’s a place when you want to chat with friends, that is quiet friendly and where you can get a meal and really relax yourself!!!So I went in and the crowd is not the trendy Berlin crowd but a friendly and low key crowd and in this part of Charlottenburg says a great deal since the area is pretty upscale. I ordered a Tea and a Piece of cake and enjoyed a few hours with my gal pal.This is a nice little place if you want to meet a friend and want little attitude you wont be disappointed.The décor full of old furniture and books gives you a totally relaxed and comfy feeling.I sat on a Sofa with my friend and really like this place!!!!!p.s. Annalee is Place top take your Mom or Family friends from out of town.

P.S. This Cafe offers the customer also books and wine so one can always shop for a little gift if need be.

Love Sean

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