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Cafe and Cake at Waldorf Astoria’s “Romanisches Cafe”

Well it was a quiet afternoon so a buddy and I decided to go upscale and visited the Hotel Waldorf Astoria.Naturally when we hear the name it brings up the history of the Grand New York Hotel back in the day when people like Truman Capote made the hotel a house hold  name.We were a little thirsty and decided to visit the Hotel’s the “Romanisches Cafe” .In the past the reviews of the hotel have been mixed and since I had dined there I was not to excited but I decided to go to the cafe located on the main floor and check it out. .Well decided on tea and a cake.The tea was served on elegant porcelain and nice silver wear and since I am a sucker for the fancy i was liking the place the service was friendly and the atmosphere  with the comfy chairs and book shelves made the place very welcoming.The crowd was a little  older but still when wants a place with a nice atmosphere  to take a family member who   likes the elegant atmosphere. We received our cake which was divine I had a divine cheeses cake and tried the Black forest Cake from my buddy.The afternoon was quiet refined and is a nice option when you want to take a more sophisticated crowd for lunch or Cafe it’s actually a good place for a business lunch.I will return since actually it’s the type of place to relax and still be in a refined atmosphere.

P.S.The place os course is a little pricy but the cake was really divine and the price was worth it roughly 18 Euro for a pot of tea and cake.

Love Sean

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