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Accessories Deluxe!!!!!at Fancy Nancy in Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg!!!!!!

Fancy-Nancy Yeah it’s not describing anyone however is the name of an accessories shop in Berlin!!!! While just enjoying an afternoon of window shopping in Berlin‘s Prenzlauerberg!!!! I was wondering about this funky little shop with Accessories and other haberdashery so I decided to walk in and discovered a shop that is small but has some cute and unique accessories. I always believed that Accessories make the look and define who one is!!!!So this shop that is defined by its Hot Pink décor!!!!!!and friends I adore Pink!!!rThis place really turned out to be a good shop to find something quirky.
Well inside the Shop I discovered some great Bags that were colorful and had a mystique Russian Inspired Tapestry!I was excited about at the unique rings in various designs and some great vibrant colors!!!in Fancy Nancy there were other things such as Purses, Chains,and Bracelets!!!and some Pretty crazy leggings!!!for the really adventurous Fashionista!!!!!The prices are pretty reasonable but what I really liked about Fancy-Nancy this relaxed Shop is just the quirky and individual pieces that make one stand out enjoy!!!!!

Love Sean!!!!!!

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