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Unique Shopping at the ” Garden of Anouk” in Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg District!!!!

Garden of Anouk!!!! I adore the name of this new shop!!!!
the store run by two Ladies Miriam Haas a Fashion Designer with a German French background who studied Fashion in Paris and the Berlin Designer Jana Kreher who specializes in Furniture Design both these ladies are true Design Profis with Charm!!!! they define their shop as a fair concept store Fashion ,Design and Illustrations which is quite unique in itself!!! The store sells Cotton T shirts with unique illustrations that I really liked, they are illustrations that a fashionista like myself really like quirky illlustrations depicting a Fashionistas DNA, !the t shirts are for women ,men and include itsy bitsy pieces for toddlers as well!!!!Along with the cotton t shirts they sell pieces from the Knitwear accessories collection Shokay the pieces are pieces such as shawls,feather light Yak hair tops and chunky children knitwear which I think or so adorable the collection fromShokay is modern and still very unique!!!!and then there are the other nicknacks such as I pad Cases from Paper Nomad and pieces from the Homewear Collection Tante Donatella and some jewelry I have to say I adored the Knitbag its simple yet grand!!!!!!!The store just recently opened and is just a great additional quirky fixture to the other shops based in Berlin‘s Prenzlauerberg the “It” district of Berlin!!!! The prices are reasonable so that one can find a small gift for a pal when one is thinking of getting something small !!!possibly a cute and funkty t shirt ,or the fun knit chain necklaces from Shokay in their rainbow colors!!!!!The shop is continuously defining themselves so watch out for this little titan shop the Garden of Anouk!!!
P.S. The Cushions are really cool they are also on Sale from Cozy Dunes so there are pieces for the home as well enjoy!!!

Love Sean

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