<!--:en-->THE DNA of the AMANO HOTEL !!!! a cool place to stay in Berlin!!!!!<!--:-->

THE DNA of the AMANO HOTEL !!!! a cool place to stay in Berlin!!!!!

HOTEL AMANO Hotel The real deal!!!
I decided a week ago to go and check out the Hotel AMANO Hotel located very close to the BerlinTelevision Towers and Alexanderplatz the area is quite Hottttt!!! young, fun ,chic attitude but so much urban fun!!!
I had attended a party for a magazine and decided to check out the hotel itself!!!
I arrived and I brought my own bags in granted I can be quite a prince about things like this but hey we are in cool Berlin so I took my own bags !!! greeted friendly enough by the staff !!!! hey remember you never get too comfortable ever in Business so a warm welcome is essential!!! I walked around the Hotel the décor I must say is quite eclectic with a very interesting slight Northern African inspired flair gray muted colored Carpets decorated with some modern photography in the lobby that gave the lobby a Living room feel it was very comfy but still cosmopolitan . I later decided to go into the Breakfast area what I loved were the grey tones and the accent color of orange that I thought was pretty awesome since the accent color is neon orange which is carried throughout the hotel!!! I later took a look at the Garden in the back and considering the weather was still a little chilly it was not very welcoming but I knew when the weather gets warmer this place most definitely will be jumping!!

Being quite inquisitive I went to the roof terrace which was nice and since it was not completely decorated for the upcoming season I could not say if it was spectacular!!! but it definitely had tons of potential and the view is very nice its so Berlin!!
The hotel is made up of very modern rooms in a very elegant and neutral gray tones I LOVED it!!!! the style was clean elegant and for a modern Fashionista the right touch!!! I slept in a room that I must say I was unsure about the noise but I slept extremely well and the traffic I did not even hear so they get big points here with me good insulated windows.

Before I went to my room I went into their lounge I must say that’s why I decided to stay the lounge a mix of cool urbanites,and just fun people had me really wanted to be a part of this eclectic hotel that has both a chic , andsophisticated touch with a Bohemian edge which is soooo Berlin!!!The drinks were good and that night they had a DJ which is often here this really created a great Berlin atmosphere that combines modernism and eclecticism!!!

I was informed Apts. for long term residents is possible for folks who want to reside in Berlin a little longer. The Apts. were spacious all in the Gray and white theme with beautiful wooden floors this all a help to achieve a very comfortable aura, so if one needed an Apt in Berlin this definitely would be an inviting place to stay!!!

In the morning I had breakfast in the window together with my beloved Herald TribuneInternational Herald Tribune and Cafelatte i people watched as the pedestrians walked by on their way to work or just going home after a long night!!!

I liked the hotel a great deal and the staff were a mix of both attitude and friendly so I cant say I loved the service!!! but the Bar Personal were good and the kitchen staff were great so I guess you can not always have it all right???
my biggest pet peeve and what I really missed them not having was a gym I do not care how big or small but for global travelers ,most need a gym to work out and keep in shape so that there was nothing available except some yoga instructions if pre reserved I thought that was slightly disappointing!!! but then again a diva cant have it all or can you???

The district is not hot baby its burning !!! so to be here you are right where the action is that makes the place also extremely desirable and all the Boy and Girl candy makes it fabulous as well !!!1
You definitely can stay at the Hotel AMANO and have a good time the DNA of the hotel is pretty fierce with a Capital FFF!!!!!!Love Sean

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