<!--:en-->Sing Blackbird!!!!The Cafe- Vintage Shop in Neukölln!!!!<!--:-->

Sing Blackbird!!!!The Cafe- Vintage Shop in Neukölln!!!!

Barbara and I were on the road again on our bikes doing what we love to do!!! shop for the unique and just darn cute things!!!Well after shooting the breeze about family, friends and the men in our lives!!!yes we do dish that out too!!! we are not only shopping freaks we have lives!!!!!we decided to go off to Neukoelln!!!!well Neukoelln is a very eclectic district with tons of the young,urban and hip with many folks of immigrant backgrounds,and many hard working middle class Germans living in this dynamic city and easy going boheme district in BerlinBerlin!!!!So we were off and what we discovered was a Vegetarian cafe/vintage shop!!! Barbara needed to eat something !!!did I mention to you she loves to eat and I ??well!!!!I don’t eat much!!!

We came upon Sing Blackbird a cafe and second hand store located ??!!!! at first I was a little disappointed at the clothing selection at first sight, but then after really digging into the pieces which were clean and the atmosphere I must say was very airy , and very spare the store had a nice atmosphere so I should not bitch!!!!!!!During our adventure here we found two pieces that I thought were grand a Yellow dress, of course Yellow is my color for Summer!!
and then a great 70s Vintage dress in Red White and Blue that reminded Barbara and I of a dress our Grannies would have worn,and this piece accessorized with a belt was quite great for that garden party this summer!!!!!!!I loved the dress and both pieces cost 19 Euro!!!! I mean for a funky dress for a party and for a girl on a budget, here you just may find that dress for that party Friday evening!!!The store and the cafe are nice and I guess when in the area and you just need a quick bite to eat and to get some unique shopping done then this little shop is a good start !!!!!!!
So discover the other funky neighborhood in Berlin.

Love Sean

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