<!--:en-->The Fabulous Jumpsuit a 70’s revival!!!!<!--:-->

The Fabulous Jumpsuit a 70’s revival!!!!

I have become a true fan of the the Jumpsuit!! well of course back in the 70s Icons such as the fierce Bianca Jagger or Disco Diva Donna Summer could wear such outfits with no problem !!!granted its not the easiest to wear but even Barbara my partner in “Style Crime” has pulled off the look and fabulously so!!! lately since my last trip to NY, it seems like its just the the right time to wear this ensemble!!! it’s so effortless, casual and has its own flair !!!I found tons of girls on the streets of Berlin,wearing this look ,I happened to stop by the vintage shop Made in Berlin,and what did I find??Well funky Jumpsuits at a really good price for those Fashionistas on a budget but who still want that funky look and then they had belts that I thought were truly wild and a great accessory for the jumpsuit so I took some photos as well be inspired the belts give the jumpsuit an extra punch!!!after that inspirational afternoon I finally was taken by a girl who wore the jumpsuit so well the look was totally right!!!! I was inspired !!! and I said hold it!!! let me take a photo of that outfit!@!! I love folks who can wear a look so easy!! regardless of the brand ,whether H and M,French Connection,DKNY, or Gucci they all have created their own version. So children!!!!! be inspired from this ensemble regardless of whether truly casual or truly glamorous !!! with the jumpsuit much is possible and its so easy to wear whether with a denim jacket ,a knit jacket,or long blazer the jumpsuit is effortless Chic!!!!!

Love Sean

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