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“Pret A Diner” dining down,dirty and fabulously in Berlin!!!!

Last Thursday before the Berlin Film Festival the Berlinale started I decided to check out the Pop Up Restaurant!!
‘Pret a diner’ in Berlin.Located at the Alten Muenze am Kroegel 2 in Berlin Mitte.This place that you can only get a table by e mail reservation makes it a little enticing to see what all the yelling was about since many said to me the food is good and it is so much fun.The location is where a few months earlier you had the Leather Gay Scene Folter Weekend party and that being said made the location even more interesting I thought oh Boy!! how kinky!!!!!!!
Well the restaurant is located in the back in a very dark part of the courtyard . I was enticed because I thought it had such a grunge edge.

We got to the door and after a few minutes of searching the list they found my dates name on the list so my date and I went in to the dark and damp corridors and I could tell that this place dark and dingy was a great location for a scandalous gay Berlin party par excellence.
Travelling through this maze of a dark basement we finally entered a lounge that was with a good DJ and good music and Drinks!!!! and very eclectic in décor so friends !! they had me!! since I am a sucker for good décor and decorated with Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

We were let into the restaurant which took a while I hate waiting!!! but hey the were friendly enough so I drank my champagne and shut my mouth!!!
After being well seated in the middle of the restaurant , I could see from various angles and hear the live Big Band music from the 20s and 30s which I love!!!! it was nostalgic.
My date and I ordered our food from the Chef that evening Wahabi Nouri ,I was excited to see what I was getting for the night!!! Since the eclectic table setting a mix of classic and boheme was goodies for the eyes. All in one Bravo to the decorators for the mix!!!!!
The first course was a salad of artichokes filled with a delicate goat cheese !!! it was good, delicate and seasoned quite well so that I was surprisingly satisfied and could take in the scenery and the folks!! not my scene but hey the atmosphere I adored!!!
After the starters the waiter came with the bread in a brown paper bag!!!! I loved the idea I thought that was quite original and fun!!!!!.The bread was delicious and the packaging unique made for an interesting mix.

For my main course I had a sweet and sour vegetable dish that included tomatoes,beans,cabbage and nuts and this was on top of a very good cous cous!!! which I must say I could not complain about.
My date had Ox served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable terrine he explained that his meal was good and I can at least speak for his mashed potatoes they were delicate and hearty.
I was not being greedy but I wanted to know if the desserts were heaven since our meal for the evening was going quite well.I ordered for desert a mix of a Chocolate Ball with pepper which I thought was interesting and heaven the accompanying Lemon sorbet and the Ice Cake with lemon were a little too much for my taste buds however it was good but not as awesome as the chocolate ball that I had at the beginning of my desert.The Riesling accompanying our meal which I must say I do not remember was quite tasty according to my partner that evening.

Overall the evening was fun and the music was quite wonderful.
I would recommend this place for those seeking something different and I was wondering if one could
go just for drinks , since I liked the lounge and the DJ.
When in Berlin and you get the chance before it closes check out Pret a diner its fun ,eclectic and good dining!!!

P.S. The meal was not cheap but worth it!!!you could expect to pay for two roughly 150 -200 Euro so make sure you have your coins with you!!!

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