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Drop Dead Drama!!!Orginal Shoes From Dawid Tomaszewski

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Dawid Tomaszewski one of the most promising young designers from Berlin created for this upcoming fall winter a shoe collection!!!!!!I must say show stopping shoes for the fashionable who have attitude and who dare to be different and glamorous!!!!!

The line created with the traditional shoe companyPeter Kaiser. This collaberation was a true eye opener !!!how daring!!!!take chances that’s
what it’s about in life!!!!!!

What i love and I am happy to see is when older traditional companies realize they cannot do it by themselves and look to the youth!!!! young creative minds to help them move forward.The shoes granted are not for everyone and I must say are not easy but if you are looking for shoes with sass!!!!and scream individuality and I believe in every woman’s shoe closet this is always allowed!!!! just think of Carrie from Sex and the city you can never have enough fabulous shoes!!!!!!

Love Sean

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