<!--:en-->But Oh Yes at Nö !!!! A cute cozy place to eat and chat!!!!<!--:-->

But Oh Yes at Nö !!!! A cute cozy place to eat and chat!!!!

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I Say Oh Yes to the restaurant!!!!NÖ, cafe – Noe a weird name for such an adorable cafe and restaurant located in Berlins very central Mitte district!!!
I had just arrived to Berlin
from a short stay in Magdeburg in Germany
and I decided instead of cooking that I would go out for a quick bite!!!!! I remember passing by the restaurant that is always closed on Sunday, so on one of the last warm evenings in Berlin we stopped by!!!The Place romantic and cozy covered in lush green foliage !! I was already in love just with the romantic picture of this restaurant !!!!!that seemed unpretentious and just darn warm and inviting!!!!and me being such a romantic this was the perfect setting for the evening!!!So we were welcomed very friendly by the staff which I was happy about and inside the décor very discreetly lighted and just so eclectic it had furniture and chandeliers that captured that quirky vintage/antique optic!!!!!it had a cinematic feeling in the décor I am sure due the the very dimly lit décor.

So since I really liked the decor and the staff were friendly, I was really looking forward to my food that was stated was from the Baden region of Germany which I must say I was not familiar with!!!
We started with a glass of Rose and a a Glass of White Grape Juice!!! which was quite good and reasonable in Price for roughly 6 Euro the glass!!!!We later Decided on a Pasta Dish with a Truffles Pesto sauce and a Vegetarian Flan!!!both meals presented and prepared were both very good my Flan was light and delicate with the cheese having a dominance but still not overbearing and the pasta was light with a true delicate touch and sophisticated taste due to the Truffle , Pesto Sauce !!! my meal was a delight and my dates plate was good as well he stated that the Pasta Dish was not only good but that he as I was very pleasantly pleased ,so after the main course I decided on the desert which was a warm chocolate cake with cream!!!!!!!I am a sucker for sweets but this my friends was a true delight the cake was warm and delightful with the vanilla sauce a great accompaniment to the desert !!!!!!we sat there and talked about oh!!!! what people talk about and really just enjoyed this summer evening in Berlin !!!!!go to cafe – Noe
I am sure you will say yeah yeah yeah at the end its also a sweet place for a first Date!!!!!MMMM
And the price was not bad all this and a wonderful evening for roughly 60 Euros I think the prices were quite good and for the atmosphere it was just darn good!!!

Love Sean

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