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An Elegant Jazz Evening to help in the Fight Against AIDS at the Berlin Philharmonie!!!!!!

Jazz Artists Against Aids!!!!!!The Aids epidemic continues on and if we know the statistics it is still very frightening. Therefore we all have to do our part!!!This coming saturday the Program from these New York Musicians is so wonderful!!! it gives us hope and what a wonderful way through music!!!Donna Brown a Jazz artist from New York City who plays quite often a very swanky 1920s Style Jazz Music!!I was really delighted with her performance at the Ritz Carlton
where I must say I attended a very intimate swanky wedding reception!!!

The Berlin Philharmonie this time is where Donna Brown will perform with the Black Pearl Jazz Quartett which includes the artists Tony Hurdle,Reggie Moore,Craig Lees and Kenmicheal Stafford at the beautiful Chamber Music Hall at the Philharmonie, where these Jazz artists will perform an evening of what I call Cafe Society Jazz Music!!!!! Cole Porter,Duke Ellington
, and Fats Waller and of course a true fashion and music Icon Billie Holiday
oh my gosh it reminds me of the music at the New York Carlyle Hotel
with the fabulous and late artist Bobby Short!!!
does anyone remember how fabulous he was as a Jazz Cafe Society Musician!!!!

Well going back to the reason that the Quartet decided to develop this project !!They reminded me over a coffee at the Einstein Cafe that they had all lost many friends both gay and straight to this horrific disease!!!that as I quote:Donna Brown has taken the lives of many creative artists and they felt they wanted to do something.This tells us all that we can all help in our own way!!!!!
I realized that this is what makes Berlin
so special Artists from all over the world who come to Berlin
to immerse themselves in the Berlin’s Lifestyle and through their experiences are able to go beyond and develop other projects some good ,others not so great!!!! but this is one that should be supported!!!
So on the 11th of June at 8:00 PM why not go and this being gay pride month is a great way for the Berlin Gay community
to support such a worthy cause!!!!I mean Swinging Jazz and a Swanky Evening at the Berliner Philharmoniker
what else could be more fun!!!!
Oh boy!!!I forgot the tickets are pretty fair for such a project and a wonderful evening so for 25 Euro you will go back in time to the classical Jazz era!!!!!
Love Sean

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