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Moebel Olfer !!!! in Berlin a Nice and Naughty Grunge Bar in Kreuzberg!!!!!

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  1. Where do the boys go out to have a good time in the week?? well !!!there are various places where one goes but one of my ultimate favorites is on Thursday evenings in Berlin multi cultural neighborhood

of Berlin
!!!!! here you find it all and in the good way gay, straigt,multisexuell, freak, normal, old young ,hippy ,conservative it’s all here and it blends so well !!!so I went to Moebel Olfe
Thursday nights is for gay men and their friends and for the open minded!!! it’s fun loud full of smoke!!!!!!in Berlin people go out and they smoke yes they smoke they are bad and naughty but hey that’s how it is in Berlin naughty!!!!!!!!and how I love the city for it!! and it is so international you hear french ,italian, german, english and japanese spoken it is truly an international gathering.

Located at 177 Reichenberger strasse I showed up on this evening at 8:30 which is horrible! because it’s pretty empty but nevertheless give it a few hours because just like every place else in Berlin the later it gets the better!!!then all the boy candy and their friends show up it’s a a place where everyone feels comfortable , it’s a little trashy which is so Berlin!!!! it is never fancy the drinks are great since they are good and inexpensive, the music is loud ,fun and it’s a great meeting point for a night out on the town regardless !!!!!!!

I think for folks who want to go out in the week, this is one of your best bets !its fun trashy, original so Berlin and it’s a place where any type will feel comfortable!! so head of to Berlin
Moebel Olfe have a drink and check out some of the boys!!!!! they are some pretty interesting and original men !!!!!!!!have fun and play Safe !!!!Sean

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