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Global Cuisine with a twist at “Sudaka”

I had met the chef of this restaurant Chakall during a TV interview for Deutsche Welle TV,so when I heard this stunning guy was also a chef with a new restaurant in Berlin.I just knew I had to go. Sudaka by Chakall with it’s Latin fusion cuisine stemming from his home of Argentina and with influences from Latin America and beyond I was sure that I was in for a culinary surprise .The Restaurant located in Berlin ‘s Schoeneberg district in the Goltzstrasse is a well known drag for cafes and shops in Berlin.

I was still amazed since I am so use to going to places in the eastern part of Berlin so I was very intrigued.

The restaurant was pretty large with an eclectic mix of color and brick walls which I must say I always like.The tables decorated with colorful Chairs and Cutlery Pouches I thought was a cute idea for the table at least he thought to try something a little different since in Berlin this does not always happen often.We were seated at a nice table thank goodness and since the tables are situated a little apart from one another so one has a little intimacy while dining.We had a waiter who was charming, even though he was new he tried his best to make us feel at ease!!!so we decided on a Red Wine from Argentina .We were offered a few chips with various Sauces that were nice as an appetizer when one is not really into having an appetizer due to ones own budget !!!They were light, tasty and made me interested for what was to come.The appetizer I decided on was a Quinoa Salad with coriander ,lime, tomatoes and a few slices of avocado the salad healthy light and terrific it was the best option for someone who is vegetarian or wants something light . I was truly loving the evening since the atmosphere was friendly the clientele nice and not the least stuffy so one felt at ease .Our Main courses came a little later I decided on sweet potatoes Gnoccis which were in a cream Gorgonzola sauce it was a bit heavy since I thought they would be light however the taste was rememberable in a very good way but then again was a little too heavy since I had the salad prior to my main course.the taste a little sweet but through the strong Gorgonzola cheese the dish offered a good alternative when one is not into eating meat.My date on the other hand being a meat eater decided on an Argentinean steak with a side order of Sweet potato fries ,the fries I must say I LOVED!!!! and devoured sweet potato fries mmm good. They were lightly salted and still a little zest to the bite .My dates steak was medium rare and cooked to

his liking the seasoning was simple but perfect for such a dish!!!!We had a nice evening the place is not inexpensive 80 Euro but we had a nice evening,and a nice meal.I must admit I will return since I feel I have not tried enough to get the full essence of this establishment.

P.S. We ordered wine by the glass without any problems and were delighted in what we had very pleased in deed with the wine.Easy going Dining Latin style with a twist at Sudaka.

Love Sean

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