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Scandic Hotel Berlin !!!!The Truly Modern Nordic Breeze

A wonderful nordic breeze has come to Berlin! The Scandic Hotels Berlin opened its doors . I was not familiar with their hotel chain in Scandinavia , however I was still wondering how could this hotel compete with the others in Berlin. I mean there are so many others and everyone is trying to impress the ever more demanding consumer and like myself we are not easy to please!!!!!so I went off to Potsdamerplatz granted a great location very close to the Sony center Berlin Potsdamerplatz and the ( Berlin Philarmonic) Berliner-Philarmoniker so you are in the middle of the things and still it’s located in a quiet location!!!!!!!I arrived in the afternoon and was greeted friendly and warm so I was already in a good mood since the first impression is always the best impression!!!!!!what I loved were the moose head decorations on the walls in the lobby I am a sucker for such dramatic decorations granted the theme of the white against the black moose head decorations were pretty cool but may not be everyones taste, but what I did like was that it was different from all other hotels it was a little humorous and thats always Good.

I later went to their cafe on the main floor which was sort of like a cafeteria open and friendly it was a pity that it was empty but still I felt comfortable to sit there alone and have a Caffe latte I was later informed one could order food and take out !!!!! which is pretty unusual and the menu at the moment granted was pretty traditional! Turkey and Duck but hey we are in the holiday season right??????
Later I decided to get a tour of the rooms I was informed that they have rooms specifically for the elderly or for handicapped individuals I applaud them since this segment of our society is probably not often thought of at least I had never really given it much thought, yes very inconsiderate of me I know!!! its great that they thought about individuals with handicaps regardless !!!!!talk about being socially responsible really they had me !!!!

Later I took a drink at the Bar which was a little too dark for my taste however the tables and decorations were good but I thought not inviting enough. I was not sure what does one need maybe a little better lighting or possibly better cushions because I did not feel terribly comfortable even though I adored some of the nordic details and the fire place is always inviting.
I needed a little bite so I had a Cesar Salad and a few glasses of Prosecco which was very tasty.
I enjoyed the views and large windows they have on the third floor where the restaurant and bar are located here they have a huge terrace, I am sure in the summer this will be a place to definitely go for drinks the terrace has great potential,they should develop a concept for drinks there since it is intimate and I am sure could be terribly romantic and sexy when the weather is good!!!

Since I was informed about the Hotels Social responsibility they informed me of other things that they do which were they were saving energy in their lighting and water!!!!!!yes this is possible today the Scandic Hotel does not only talk the talk but they also walk the walk!!!!
I went to my room with a beautiful illuminated picture of Ice and wood which gave the room a very nice scandinavian atmosphere and I really loved the Beige and Wood tones it was true Scandinavian fan fare warm friendly inviting simplistic but in a very modern way nothing over done and that I believe is their aim!!!! the tiled Bathroom in Beige and Brown tiles were a definite good detail!!
very nice one of the nicest in Berlin small but still spacious!!!!!!

Being a gym buff I checked out the gym very nice and well equipped .A gym for me is always vitally important and with the huge windows you have a nice view , later I was stumped when they also gave me a map if I wanted to run in the Berlin park which is located very close by.

I had tons to write and was up late so I used the internet and became hungry they have a cute kiosk in the lobby so I bought a sandwich and chips this was actually very nice and here one could get other things such as a toothbrush or a razor if one needed it.
I finally went to bed kids I dont speak of often of Beds but the mattress was actually wonderful I really
slept very well the mattresses are Scandic Hotel Berlin were one of the best they explained that they put a lot of emphasis on the bedding.

I liked the hotel and since they put into consideration the entire Family they have places for children as well, I think that is actually a wonderful hotel for the entire family since I know its not always easy to travel with small children and the elderly!!!
they have just opened so they will need a little time until they have settled in but the place is a wonderful relaxed addition to Berlin it is not an uptight hotel but a relaxed upscale hotel in Berlin with a social conscious and I spend a night or two at Scandic Hotels Berlinhere you can really be grand and relax!!!!!!
Love Sean

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