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Kitkat Club Berlin: Hustlaball. The Place to be Naughty!!!!!

Last night I went to a friends store to purchase a ticket for the Hustlaball being held at the infamous
Kit Kat Club located in Berlin Mitte and friends this was definitely not the normal type of Ball that one sees on television with ball gowns and grandeur!!!! such as the Vienna Ball, Vienna Ball!!!!!This was straight up a gay party par excellence where porno stars performed on stage for the very greedy and boisterous crowd who attended this quite crazy but fun gay extravaganza held annually in Berlin .I arrived around 1:00 AM and of course I had to wait to get in, the line was long with all the men anticipating something very tantalizing!!!!!and the 25 Euro I paid for the tickets at the Fashion shop Gear Berlin in Berlin was worth every cent!!!!!

After getting inside, me being a little prissy wanted to keep my jacket on well children!!!! I was told no I had to take it off oh well!!I had on my very sexy v neck t- shirt from American Apparel it is simple but makes a statement everytime!!!!

Well inside the music vibes were pretty good and the dance floor with a drag performance from
Chi Chi Larue the Drag Queen who worked the boys but in a delightful way!!!!!by 1:30 AM the place was full with a little bit of everything some old ,some young, some hot and some definitely not!!!!!
I was naturally shocked because some of the boys let it all hang out and shouldn’t!!!!!
I mean some guys had on close to nothing and others had on their leather drag !!!!!!!I am no prude just a realist about what looks good and what does not remember I am a Stylist!!!!!!
There were your usual dark corners and some folks gave you an eyeful.

The atmosphere was quite fun I felt weirdly enough comfortable, it was interesting for guys who wanted to hook up for the evening it was definitely possible and for guys like myself who were voyeurs I got an eyeful!!!!!!
of course there was a lot of flirting going on but that’s why one goes out to have fun and be a little naughty!!!!!!
so next year go to the Hustlaball in Berlin you will have your fun!!!!!!

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