<!--:en-->“Brillant” the Brilliant way to shop for Sunglasses!!!The Summer Must Have!!!<!--:-->

“Brillant” the Brilliant way to shop for Sunglasses!!!The Summer Must Have!!!

It is Summer and one definitely needs Sunglasses I say Sunglasses are a must for every season but summer time it becomes essential!!! of course for health reasons they are good but hey I am not about to talk about that !!I talk about style and the right pair of sunglasses today is not always easy to find!!!

Recently the fabulous Barbara and I were off to a shop based in Berlin that has two locations one in the West – Charlottenburg and the other in the East of Berlin – Mitte.So I decided with Barbara to take our bikes and we were off to Brillant-Augenoptik!!!!!!A funky Eyeglass Store in the Friedrichstrasse one of those places where you will feel comfortable to throw down some good money for a pair of fabulous and I mean awesome eyeglasses!!!!pieces that scream attitude and style!!!!This gay friendly establishment run by guys and gals who really know their stuff is why the shops have been around in Berlin for years and they just seem to get better and better.So Barbara and I decided to see what were some of the trends for spring summer !!!!

I realized that total black glasses even though can be really cool are not really cutting edge at this time however cool tinted glasses in various tones such as Brown,Purple,Green,and even Light Pink are hot and seem to scream authentic style!!!! I realized the more attitude the frames had having a tinted lens gave the glasses a softer edge without taking any bit of style!!!!The eye glasses found at Brillant-Augenoptik are naturally some of the best such as Tom FordTom Ford.
Dolce and Gabana,but also companies such as Blut geschwister,Ray Ban,Jil Sander,Dita,and IC Berlin the lists goes on but you get the idea???Well we tried on a few items and here are some of our suggestions. The most peculiar thing was that for Barbara the frames that had attitude and personality were quite the great accessory piece for summer think Peggy Guggenheim in Venice!!and for myself well a little color helped but I am all for the sleek!!!!!

Brillant-Augenoptik have it all when it came to sunglasses!!! the glasses are not always inexpensive but they are truly a must have for the summer and your worth it !!!!Sunglasses the Summer Must Have!!!

Love Sean

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