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Fabulous Iconic Films at Taschen in Berlin ” Taxi Driver” The Iconic Film!!!

here is always something happening n this great town I received a letter from the Taschen Publishing truly one of my favorite Publishing companies!!!why???well because they do so many good books that cover Style from Yves Saint Laurent to Bauhaus that I love .

Recently I bought a book about the fashion photographer Sante D’ Orazio who I think makes some great and sexy photography it’s never pornographic but still very sexy!!!!
Yesterday was a book signing event from Steve Shapiro the renowned Photographer who took pictures of greats such as Harvey Keitel,Robert Deniro and Jody Foster, during the filming of the iconic film Taxi driver from Martin Scorsese and pictures of the other iconic film from Francis Ford Coppola the The Godfather truly iconic pictures !!!Well during the book signing of his Limited Edition Book published byTaschen of course!!!!!! ,this energetic and warm artist talked to me briefly about the film and his love of Photography, I guess one should go for their Passion!!!!!!and everything else falls into place!

During the book reading you had fans of different ages coming to take a look at this great and iconic book that I feel is a must if you have the extra spending money 500 Euro is expensive however ,this book from Taschen is outstanding I really loved it so much so I decided to buy the DVD !!!!
I always say if your looking for a gift, give a book and the awesome style books at Taschen book store is a good start!!!!

Have fun, Love Sean

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