<!--:en-->“Red Hot Berlin” They Gay Photo Exhibit Celebrating The Red Haired Guy<!--:-->

“Red Hot Berlin” They Gay Photo Exhibit Celebrating The Red Haired Guy

In Berlin we are lucky in that the art scene is such a big part of the city.This weekend the Photographer Thomas Knight just launched his book and photo exhibition at Berlin’s Bikini House.The theme   men with “Red Hair” unique yes! ,quirky indeed, the book published by the Gay Berlin Publisher Bruno Gmuender presented together with the Siegessäule the Berlin Gay magazine  a unique afternoon of Photography  .The exhibition presented photography  of men with Red Hair . Men ranging from the young guy next door to the bearded hipster and beyond.The exhibition opened with the artist Thomas Knight and a few of the models in attendance.  The book concept was   original and the exhibitions orange color scheme   in combination with the red haired models photography made a strong statement .The pictures are quite homo erotic and tastefully done presented  , which made this fun loving exhibition warmly recieved by the hundreds of enthusiasts who attended.I am intrigued too see what this artist comes up with next.However what Mr.Knight has achieved is to make the red haired guy truly a hot commidity!!!!

The exhibit is on from April 4 – May 3,2015 and is free of Charge!

Love Sean