<!--:en-->Eating at Old Europe!!!!!!a Quirky Berlin Original!!!!<!--:-->

Eating at Old Europe!!!!!!a Quirky Berlin Original!!!!

Friends and I had not seen each other in weeks ,I mean BerlinBerlin
keeps me pretty busy !!!!!but we decided to go for a bite and I ended up that day in the Gipsstrasse 11 in Berlin’s trendy Mitte District!!! and I discovered the restaurant while attending the Nike Press Show and fell upon!!!Altes Europa
!!! Old Germany !!! well old it was not!! it was a really a quirky and comfortable place to eat, drink and just have a good time!!!!!What I loved here was the décor a mix of old junk furniture and paintings that gave the place a rustic but really amusing atmosphere and creative flair!!!!I was in love pretty quickly since the place was so typical Berlin!!!!!a little trashy but very creative!!
The place was packed but me being Sean I asked for a table and in 20 minutes we had one!!! we kindly went to the bar for a drink which was great I mean the waiters were open and friendly and really just mega cool!!!the vibes were good!!!

We started of with a Sparklingly White wine on the rocks!!!and A German Beer!!!!
We later went to our table which was a large table we shared with other guests but they were cool and the energy was cool so we relaxed and ordered our meals a few of the dishes were already sold out!!!
The menu is small which is good and varies which is also great that one gets surprises on the menu often.
I decided to order the vegetarian dish which was Cauliflower with a green salad!!! the dish was good not great but it was a fairly light meal and was seasoned delicately which was perfect for my long evening!!!ahead!!! and my friends ordered pasta with salami strips and green peas and grated cheese and a plate of German Wurst with Lentil which I assumed was a traditional German style dish!!!! which my friends both stated was good!!!! well the portions were good and the prices pretty reasonable my dish was roughly 7 and my partners were a little over 7 Euro!!!so after being waited on by the friendly easy going staff we decided on desert which was a chocolate mousse with pears !!!!!!the dish was good and for roughly 4 Euro you cannot beat the price!!!!
We just stayed a bit talked ,laughed and enjoyed this hip but relaxed venue!!!!!
at the end our bill came up to around 55 Euro which was pretty darn good since we had 4 main courses and two orders of the Chocolate Mousse !!!!wine,
and bottled Water!!!! The evening was fun and light this is a nice spot in this district that at times can be pretty uptight!!!!! in Berlin
Enjoy a little bit of Altes Europa!!!!Old Europe
P.S.Because the folks love to smoke in Berlin they have a separate Smoking lounge!!so
puff on!!!!!

Love Sean

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