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Austrian Dining in Berlin’s Riehmer’s

I was invited to dinner the other evening and even though I was tired I was hungry so I thought what the heck check this Austrian Restaurant out!!!!!!Riehmers
in Berlin
district turned out to be a surprise!!!

I have passed this place a few times and still never felt the urge to check it out!!!
therefore this adorable and well executed restaurant turned out to be a true surprise!!!
First I started off with a Sparkling White wine which was good not perfect but the brand I was not familiar with and I must say was not worth mentioning!!!! since I do love and adore my sparkling white wines when they are worth mentioning!!!Finally getting my Menu I decided on a main course which was a Filet of fish Halibut slightly fried was delicate and accompanied with an order of smothered cucumbers turned out to be an interesting dish which had a slight tangy taste which made the dish unique.I being difficult decided on mashed potatoes as an additional side order which were made for me even though it was not included in my order for this dish!!!but hey customers are always right !!!!!
My meal was good,hearty and the portion was a good size thank goodness!!!!!!since I did not order a appetizer!!!
and this was good because before I had my main course, I was given a miniscule a surprise from the Chef which was fish in a melon styled sauce which was unique and light I liked the taste therefore I was looking forward to my main dish!!!

My friends chose their main courses which included the Vienna Schnitzel
with Potato Salad and the others Lean Beef with stewed vegetables !!!we all and myself included were delighted with the traditional cuisine that still had a modern and sophisticated edge !!!!! we were having such a good time and as our table ended up with some friends coming over we ended the evening with a desert of Kaiserschmarm a plate of warm dough pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar and accompanied with stewed plums!!!! the desert was totally sinful and since I have a sweet tooth I was in heaven!!the staff were really friendly and gracious even when our table was full with new guests they were welcoming!!!we were all in a good mood and enjoyed the spontaneous evening.
The service was good and the food really on the spot !!!the wine card I was later informed by the others was really good and so after having a great evening we parted.Truly I know, I will return for a nice quiet evening of good dining at Riehmers!!!!!The prices are not inexpensive, I paid for my meal with desert and a few drinks of the sparkling wine roughly 50 Euro but the meal was worth it. I felt I got good service and the quality of the food was good so this is one of those restaurants one should visit!!!!!! Enjoy

Love Sean

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