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Discovering Berlin Accessories Designer “Ina Seifart”

I never stop enjoying getting gifts!!!therefore I was happy and overjoyed when a good girlfriend gave me a fab accessory from the Berlin Accessories Designer Ina Seifart who I had discovered a while ago in Berlin who specializes in Key Chains but not just any ordinary chain but funky Key Chains!!!Items that I really wanted to have these key chain is a mix between an Islam ,Buddhist or Rosary prayer beads !!!These Funky Key Chains can be worn with jeans or with a normal trousers, but since they are so ornamental they give any look a little exotic touch which I love!! and the Items come in Various Colors so you can do it in Pink but in Dark tones for those who love it a little edgier!!!!!They are to be bought at one of the top shops in Berlin Andreas Murkudis in Berlin!!!!!!!

Love Sean

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