<!--:en-->Berlin Fashion Week Begins with the Premium Designer Prize!!!!<!--:-->

Berlin Fashion Week Begins with the Premium Designer Prize!!!!

Berlin Fashion Week has started and the Fashion trade showPremium ExhibitionsPresented their annual Young Designers Award a showcase that gives young talent the opportunity to present their collections and have a platform!!!so this afternoon I decided to head off to the ceremony to check out exactly what’s going on in the young creature scene!!!The first winner this afternoon was for Womenswear !!!The young Belgian Designer Tom Van Der Borght won through his very colorful and fun designs,the designer tries to break the rules about clothing being for one gender or the other!!!The interesting thing is that the designer creates his own whimsical prints which caught my attention immediately.
The designs have a unique touch !!!The designer himself who is a colorful artist explained that his designs are really suppose to go beyond and should be worn by all!!!
His goal is to break boundaries through fashion and the clothes are suppose to portray our Apocalyptic period which we are living in !!!Very deep indeed!!!!!!!!.
The Designs are loose in cut,with a sportive edge which I guess one cannot avoid having today!! and the designs are not only colorful but the playful prints give the pieces a whimsical , fun and upbeat look.
It will be interesting too see how this designer develops himself into the future!!!

Love Sean

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