<!--:en-->Dining at “Heising” and stepping back in time!!!!!<!--:-->

Dining at “Heising” and stepping back in time!!!!!

Well Easter has come and gone but I have to tell you !!!! I took a step back in time while dining on Easter weekend!!! it is weird but a great gal pal of mine decided we should go to this old Berlin Restaurant that is dedicated to the French cuisine called Heising-Restaurant !!So me being a typical Fan of the french cuisine I was excited since the restaurant we were visiting has existed for over thirty years in Berlin in the very traditional Charlottenburg district very close to the Tauentzienstraasse and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church”Gedaechtnis Kirche!!!!Granted we got there a few minutes late but , the first thing that struck me was that we had to ring a bell!!! I mean really like we have to beg to get in to the place !!! I was a little ticked off!!! but then the Head waiter opened the door and older gentlemen really decked out in a nifty Double Breasted Blazer and Immaculate albeit old style still the man had flair!!!!!So The atmosphere of Various Old 18th and 19th Paintings and 19th century Inspired Furniture gave this restaurant a kind of spooky atmosphere!!! I felt I was stepping back in time to another era!!!With the Old furniture this place reminded me of places one saw in films from the early 50’s it was a mix between the 50’s and Baroque Chic albeit a little kitschy but with charm!!!!Well we were presented out tables and friends Fine Table wear from KPM the world renowned Porcelain manufacturer!!!and a set that I really adore even though a little kitschy

The atmosphere is like being at an old grande aunt so naturally little quirks such as the old Paintings ,sketches and a the dark wooded atmosphere gave the place a haunting but still welcoming atmosphere!!!!! so we were offered some Bread and ordered our three course Menu, which I started with a delicately sauteed scampi with a creamed potato pie which was actually good and delicate even though not supremely seasoned.After The main course where we relaxed I looked around at the other guests who tended to be slightly older and reserved!!!! buy it was a friendly atmosphere!!!!!So finally my Fish sole was served with dark lentil beans which was an interesting combination but I must say was good and still a unique combination.Since I had decided on Desert I ordered a traditional Crepe Suzette with Ice Cream yes traditional but very yummy it reminded me of my childhood I have always been a fan of the Crepe and regardless of simple or luxurious there is not much one can do to destroy such a classic so I was relieved to have my desert and be totally satisfied from this old school version!!!!!
Since I am on a non alcohol trip at the moment I stuck to still water!!!! however NY friends were able to have a luxurious Spanish Red wine Tardana which though heavy was considered by my friends to be a total delight and a great surprise this was accompanied by a coq au Vin which my friends did state was very good!!!!The service I must say was warm friendly and attentive which is always a shock for me albeit a pleasant shock!!!!It was a really nice evening a place to take an elder clientele when you are not sure where to go or for folks who don’t want anything too trendy!! I felt really comforted and in a warm place!!!I loved the energy of this really old but elegant restaurant here is a great place to go when you want a quite and elegant eveningIt was not cheap but for the ambience its understandable but I was not offended I felt the money was worth it and thank goodness there are places like this in Berlin!@@@@@So step back in time and enjoy Heising-Restaurant for the group of three we paid roughly 200.00 euro this included a three course meal for all and a bottle of Good red wine and water all in all that aint bad!!!! friends!!!
keep alive such places!!!!!!Heising-Restaurant !!!!

Love Sean

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