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Relaxed and Cool Dining at Spindler & Klatt

Dining and Drinking on one of themany waterways inBerlin
is always fascinating!!! one does not think that of Berlin!!! that the city has such water ways but the city does!!!! and I love sitting on the water its relaxing and calming and what I enjoy is the meditative moments that one can find just relaxing on the water here is a club aka restaurant Spindler Klatt so before it gets cold enjoy the last few warm evenings here!!!it is a nice and romantic venue to visit that still has a cool vibe!!with a friendly and very Berlin type staff the place is fab and fun!!!
So I decided with my date on a glass of champagne and white Wine and we just enjoyed the view on the spree in theis very cool corner of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district!!!

It was nice and easy going and I must say the place was very relaxed on this evening no attitude just relaxed vibes and that’s exactly what I needed on that evening!!
So after getting ourselves a nice corner on large cushioned seats and with the splendid view
we decided on a Pasta dish with Mushrooms and grated cheese!!! yes this dish can be very simple indeed but the dish was well turned out!!!! and just sitting writing about this meal, I remembered how much I enjoyed the dish!!my partner had roast beef with baby pumpkin and mashed potatoes !!we were lucky we both had dishes that were good and the service was cool and easy going which is good when you can get it in Berlin!!!!!!!My Date enjoyed his Riesling white wine and I a second glass of Champagne Bubbly darling!!! It was an easy, breezy and light hearted evening!!!! That I hoped secretly we would have more evenings like this before the fall comes!!!!This venue was fun and if possible I had a feeling to party here would be interesting as well since they also have a club and dance floor!!!! So when you have time stop by!!!!Relax and enjoy this little oasis in Berlin before it gets too cold!!!!!!
but at least you will have the opportunity in the cold winter days to party here.
P.S . The Entree prices were not cheap but therefore the service and atmosphere were quite cool indeed!!!so for 74 Euro it was worth it!!!!Remember Champagne Boy had his bubbly at Spindler Klett !!!!!!

Love Sean

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