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Bread and Butter! doing the right thing !

I received an invitation from the Bread and Butter organization they support various social programs throughout the year and this time in Berlin helping kids in need of getting a decent meal in Berlin!yeah poverty is not only a third world problem it is a world problem and this you can find anywhere!Therefore I was happy to attend the event held for two days at the Bread and Butters retail store 14 Ounces 14oz Berlin located at 13 Neueschoenhauserstrasse in Berlin, open 11 A.M-18 P.M.

14 Ounces which is primarily based on denim however other items include Leather,Knitwear some evening wear and quirky accessories for both men and women.
Located in the back of the store in their garden ,they have a pretty impressive garden that is well manicured and would make some Brits green with envy.

In the garden they had a present and sell T- shirts,Sneakers ,Soccer Balls, and Accessories that are surprisingly inexpensive and it is for something worthwhile The pieces are from diverse fashion companies such as Adidas, Wesc, Hueftgold, Closedand American Vintage just to name a few. Friends if you have nothing to do this weekend go out and shop and in shopping your helping our youth in Berlin so head off to 14 oz. In Berlin for a small fashion splurge!Have a good and generous weekend!!!!!!Sean

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