<!--:en-->„Ocelot“!!!The real deal Bookstore!!!<!--:-->

„Ocelot“!!!The real deal Bookstore!!!

Ocelot!!!Not just another bookstore!!!Oh so true. I happened to be walking around in Berlins hip Brunnenstrasse and found this really unique bookstore.It’s weird because today we all are looking on the internet and buying books online .

However I think there is nothing like going into a book store and discovering a book or author you knew nothing about.!This store gives you time to think and discover and I say a big thank you!!!

I entered the store and was really taken away with the décor it was comfortable,modern and still intimate. Ocelot offers it’s customers News papers to read for free and a really cute cafe so me being Sean I decided to have a Chai Latte and enjoy my time in this store.

I read a little bit of the Tages Spiegel Berlin’s daily paper and later was off to discover some books and this I did Design Fashion,Literature,and children books!!!!I discovered a book I am enjoying right now entitled “Mr Loverman” by Bernardine Evaristo, interesting indeed.The book gives you a look at social themes such as Immigration,Love,Dedication to Family,and Sexual Identity. It’s been a true enjoyment.The store has a friendly staff and I found out that they have monthly programs so it’s really not just another book store but something much more !!!it’s Special in Berlin and hurray for Books at Ocelot.

Love Sean

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