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Berlin’s Casa Camper Hotel ! the Feel Good Hotel!

This week has been pretty busy so I decided again to do another tour of Berlin Hotels!
Casa Camper which is the second hotel developed from the Shoe fashion company Camper from Barcelona, Spain.Camper of course I am familiar with due to their trendy,urban and comfortable shoes. I was curious to see what they would do with a hotel in such a fun city as Berlin, since the competition is pretty steep.I arrived in the afternoon where I was greeted by the friendly staff I must admit she was informed that I was coming but nevertheless I thought still check them out!Walking into the lobby I was a little intrigued since it was a very dark lobby decorated with Shoes from Camper what else!,bikes and modern antique furniture which I thought was cool, since that is so Berlin eclectic in the mix !
Talk about a mix located on the main floor was a small Tapas Restaurant which I will dish at a later time!

I don’t care from which corner you come from in Berlin or economical background a bike in Berlin is like eating and sleeping it’s a must. Meaning that you are mobile in Berlin immediately with your rental bikes for a minimal fee of 20 Euro per day! I was surprised since I thought it would be great to offer the guests the service for free but hey whatever!

Later taking a look around alone I met other guests and behold met a couple from Venice where I was able to talk with them and they told me that they loved the hotel and felt very comfortable!!!!! its always best to exchange banter with others when possible,I met them in the Cafe – Restaurant area on the top floor where you have a great view due to the very large windows that offer a nice and urban panorama of Berlin.The cafeteria – restaurant are located on the top floor where you can have a cafe latte, sandwiches and sweets and even though this all has a very upscale cafeteria feeling it’s still totally unpretentious I felt very comfortable .

Tired I sat and relaxed myself in the lounge area and took in the view,
did I mention located in the corner was a small office service area so you could send a fax and send out e mails on a chic Mac computer.

I left the lounge area and decided to take a look at the gym. I must say it was small not the best for the sport enthusiast but will do if you need a work out! The sport room was located in the basement with a sauna which was also very small, it was nice, a little tiny and you could feel a little claustrophobic if your use to spacious facilities.

Later I was off to my room.The room was open and spacious with a huge window so that one has the opportunity to see Berlin and no one can see in your window that gives you a great deal of freedom!
There was a window also in the shower so you get light coming in,which I adored. The room has a loft like feeling even though the room is not large you felt like you had space and that was nice.The red wall theme in the room was also nice it was warm and comfortable and the little extras such as the camper slippers made you feel welcomed.

Afterwards I went out to the Hakesche Markt district which is one of the hottest corners of Berlin. Here one has many of the trend fashion shops such as ,Hugoo,Mac Cosmetics,American Apparel to name just a few but also Berlin Brands such as Firme ,14 oz., and C’estout names you should know when in Berlin.So I was off to my favorite coffee shop reminds me of NY! yeah I do get homesick Starbucks where from here I could look at the young and fabulous of Berlin.

The location of the hotel is not good !!!!!!it’s Hot!!!!!you are in the middle of things therefore you will pay the price, however it was worth the price and as you know one can always try for specials I paid for a double 110 Euro this included Breakfast and snacks.

Yeah I know the hotel is not cheap!!! but really it was worth it. I had a really nice time a good bed and room with a nice and relaxed staff. Granted the girls at the desk were a little too friendly not usual in Berlin! but the cafe-restaurant staff and others were a delight with their light and friendly banter!
So off to Camper no not the shoe shop darling!!! but the Casa Camper in Berlin.

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