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Berlin Hotels!!!!Hotel Angleterre a architectural jewel in the Friedrichstrasse!

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I try to get out and reside in hotels that may not be well known but still are worthwhile and at times may have some historical importance in Berlin and this was the case with the Hotel Angleterre Angleterre Hotel Berlin formerly a Residential and Commercial building in the Friedrichstrasse 31, 10969 Berlin (Tel.030 202 133 00), was built in the late 19th century(1891-1893) by Heinrich Gustav Knoblauch who from a well renowned Berlin architect family
built this multi functional construction which I am sure in its day was quite advanced.The building went through various ownership and was even used as the Swiss embassy.The magnificent Neo Renaissance facade I must say is strikingly beautiful and should be seen !

When I arrived I was approached by one of the desk staff and welcomed to the hotel in a very cordial manner and in Berlin you can expect anything between polite to incredibly rude so I was pleasantly surprised! I was given a key and sent to my room on the second floor which gave me the opportunity to check out the décor of the hotel.The decor which I felt is nice but nothing really spectacular warm wooded wall panels, with large chandeliers, painted murals and marble floors all add to a traditional elegance in the lobby .I later inspected the staircase which is a part of the remaining original structure which from an architectural and artistic standpoint is very attractive and reminds one of the grandeur that the building had prior to the war.

I went to my room which was surprisingly not much to write home about granted it was clean and nice but nothing really inspirational or inviting.It was standard and not for the too demanding tourist! Even though sufficient since you are a stones throw away from Checkpoint Charlie the former border crossing between East and West Germany prior to the reunification .

I decided on a drink and off I went to the cocktail bar where I strangely enough felt uncomfortable since I went in for a cocktail to enjoy my evening and ended up having a banana juice and why ? may you ask!well because they were showing football on wide screens and the volume was quite unbearable ! that I thought is not very welcoming and so off I went!

After dinner I returned to my room and fell asleep I must say the room was comfortable and quiet so I did rest well. The next morning I tried out the gym which is not great but had all that one would need for a good standard workout ,which left me invigorated and ready for a new day in Berlin.The Angleterre Hotel is for architectural lovers a delight ! the service is nice, friendly and offer good customer service at a relatively good price of 70,00 Euro for a double which is a pretty good deal.
(This did not include breakfast!)
To the tourist looking for something not too trendy,or ultra modern but likes good service and their privacy! then this is a nice hotel for you and in close vicinity to the Jewish Museum Juedisches Museum , Checkpoint Charlie,and theMartin Gropius Bau you are close to many important highlights in Berlin.Have fun!!!!!

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