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Berlin Street Style!!! Du bist Mode!!! The Fashion Runway Party in Berlin

Galleries Lafayette“Du bist Mode” Extravaganza!!!!!!
Du Bist Mode!! Well that means basically You are Fashion!!!!!
The evening was lively and a great deal of fun !!!!!!located on the Friedrichstrasse one of the Fashion Boulevards in Berlin. Galleries lafayette the French Fashion Department store pulled of a flawless Marketing strategy with FacebookFacebook and with the makeup sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurentcosmetics which gave the participants a little touch of true grandness!!!! Boy!the wonders of Facebook.
The Fashion house orchestrated a fashion competition where creative individuals from Berlin were able to present to the the public, fashion wanna be’s, and Fashion professionals their best looks which were judged by the Managing Directors of the Department store and Berlin Twinkles!!!!!!yeah that’s what I will call them the Berlin Hairstylist Udo Walz,the designer Michalsky,and Top Model Franziska Knuppe to name a few?

Well the show began ! I must say what I love are individuals who love fashion and love showing off their stuff!!!they seem to to be saying yeah I have style!!!I loved the originality and the folks who take style seriously but never themselves so the atmosphere was absolutely fun .
The winners received a few prizes some which were pretty extravagant ,shopping certificates at the department store,aa well as beauty and wellness prizes at the Udo Walz salon
The contestants who won I must admit really deserved to win the prices they were fun and inspiring to watch the energy was incredibly positive!!!

I say long live Berlin’s creative spirits both young and old !!!!!!Straight and Gay!!!!!!Black,White, Yellow,and Brown the show was a true melting pot !!!!! regardless of the stupid and idiotic comment made by Michalsky referring to the Black Men competitors that he could not remember which was which meaning they looked great but all looked alike!!!!!!I guess he is truly not as Cosmopolitan and color blind as he may pretend to be!!!!!!!

Applause toGalleries Lafayette they pulled off a great evening!!!
I hope they continue to do this concept !!!!!
afterwards the party continued at the Galleries Lafayette department store which brought the
Friedrichstrasse to life with the street runway.
Bringing true street style and fashion to the people!!!!!!!
Oh did I mention the DJ who played music on the street above the crowd that I thought was pretty genial!!!!!
Grooving on the Friedrichstrasse.

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